if time is change

then do i age faster? what happens if i change too much, or too slowly?  where will i be in “20 years?”  will my 20 years be your 40?  or your 10?

they say that dogs and cats age faster than humans, or that one human year is like seven dog years.  what if things just change faster for them?  what if they just think more?  does that mean that i move really slow to a dog?

so many questions.  answers always seem in short supply.

need to find a way

need to find some venture capital.

I think the idea is a wonderful one. I have an idea, but I lack the means to make it real. someone has the means, but no idea. let’s work together, dear stranger. help me change the world. be a part of that.

time for some changes

sometimes you have to change things because the old way just wasn’t working out.  ze frank said that you have to get ideas out there as soon as possible, regardless of whether they’re awesome or not.

ideas are powerful, and we can’t be afraid to let them out.  we can’t be afraid to hold back.  sometimes, the fear of greatness is greater than fear of inadequacy.

living among fearful people is a terrible condition.  no one should live in fear of failure, and no one should be afraid to ask for help if they need it.  haven’t we grown past that?