html5 and you

i’m sorry, but i don’t buy this.  i agree with this statement regarding the slow adoption of HTML5, but maybe i’m more optimistic than John Herrman
HTML5 is infiltrating the web, not tearing it down and building it back up.

HTML5 is one of those technologies that, like the slow integration of video games into mainstream media and culture, will one day be ubiquitous, and we’ll wonder how we didn’t really notice it before.  “maybe it was always there?” people will ask, and they’ll be right (at least from the perspective of the younger crowd that’s being raised on the internet).  HTML5 is neat to me because i’m a geek, but most people don’t care about open standards and what language their pages are coded in.  they want to load up a web page, click on some stuff, and watch it work.  if people cared about HTML5, chrome and safari would be the top browsers right now, but they’re not.

i’d love to say that i know how all this stuff works, and that i have a basic command of the code that is loaded every time i navigate to gmail, but the fact of the matter is that i don’t.  there is a torrential amount of information that our browsers are being assualted with when we load web pages.  we don’t need more powerful hardware and faster processors (although those things are always nice), we need more efficient code that can do everything we’re used to with a tiny footprint.  it’s not about the speed of your processor anymore.

to bring this back to the discussion regarding the iPad, this is where it becomes an us vs. them scenario.  the people who will be using this product will be doing so with the expectation that their “magical” little device can handle whatever they throw at it.  this isn’t marketed towards kids like the iphone is, it’s marketed towards people who don’t want to be stressed out every time they want to DO something.

in that way, HTML5 is far more important than John may think it is.  if i navigate to a page, i’m going to want it to work.  *me,* i don’t care for flash, so it won’t matter to me if i see a page littered with little blue legos. it will matter to me if i can’t check my email, or if doing what i normally consider mundane becomes a chore.

the future is always creeping up slowly, and i can’t wait until i can have a discussion with my tech-illiterate friends about the days that local storage became a reality on our phones.  what a riot that will be.

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