Senses Tingling

See, this is what I’m talking about. Technology should, once again, enable us to live better. I harp on this a lot, I know. I’m not sorry if it gets repetitive, however. This stuff is important, and any tech company needs to keep this in mind as it designs products and service.

Using GPS and a user’s calendar events, the system could determine how long it will take for the person to travel to their scheduled event. The iPhone software could then alert the user accordingly, allowing ample time to travel and meet the scheduled deadline.

This is really good stuff! We have so much data at our fingertips, and all we can do right now is estimate. Plus, if your phone knows how long it’ll take you to get somewhere, no one will look at you like a jerk when you say have to jet. Before, these things would go like this:

“Hey, I should really get going if I want to make the 5:00 show.”
“Really? It’s only 3:00 PM.”
“Right, but there’s traffic and parking and everything.”
“Yeah, but…two hours?”
“Yes, two hours.”
“I mean, if you don’t want to hang out you can just tell me.”
“No! It’s not that, it’s jus that–“
“It’s OK, I’ll just see you later.”

Who hasn’t had THAT conversation?

Now, they can go like this:

[Phone alarm goes off]
“Oh hey look, based on traffic conditions and parking data, my phone’s telling me I should really get going if I want to make the 5:00 show.”
“Wow, really?”
*show phone*
“Oh yeah wow, yeah you better get going. Drive safely!”
“Thanks, I’ll see you soon!”

So much better! And it’s all because of this:

Using a GPS signal, the iPhone could even determine travel time based on external factors, such as current or historical traffic conditions. Apple’s system would provide users with the best route based on this data, and alert them accordingly.

Aaahhh, I can already feel my heart rate decreasing.

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