This Isn’t a Thing

This won’t work. I’m not saying that it never will, but I don’t believe that this is something that Apple’s framework actually even allows; Apple doesn’t allow this by design. The whole idea of a phone that does the “bidding” of another company, or simply becomes a platform for another company’s ideas, values, and way of thinking is absurd. Google might allow it because they’d find a way to monetize it, but can you imagine that? I mean actually take a minute to imagine a Google Ads-ridden Facebook interface shoehorned onto an Android phone running some forked version of the OS. Jesus, it hurts to even think about. What a horrible, mind-destroying user experience that would be.

Getting Into It

Well, it’s been awhile. Not intentionally, mind you, but now’s not the time for excuses.

At any rate, here we are. Things have happened since we last spoke. Steve Jobs resigned, the iPhone 5 is coming soon, Amazon is most likely releasing a tablet, the TouchPad was released and immediately shanked, and lots of other things. More talk about cloud services, more talk about music services, more talk about books, more talk about movies. Netflix took one on the jaw when they lost the Starz library, and maybe they’re going to lose out to Amazon. Who knows?

Writing about all this stuff after being away for so long is surreal. I feel like there was a time in the tech world when moves like these would take place over years. Years, folks. Now…we’re talking weeks, months. This is insane. There are ideas out there, ideas that are growing quickly and gaining steam, and there’s more diversification of mobile operating systems that people are seeing and buying into, but I think it all represents, as crazy as it sounds, a type of stagnation.

Granted, things are moving quickly, they’re hot now, but I think the reason for all of this comes down to a sort of scrambling to figure out where the consumer is going, trying to predict what the market is going to decide is “the best” experience, or integrated operating system, or whatever. We’re seeing Android innovating on lots of fronts, but people are frustrated by the sloppy and inconsistent UX, we’re seeing iOS finding more stability and fleshing out features that people have been craving, adding even more value to the devices they’re already carrying around on a daily basis, but still lacking that special “kick” that really ties it all together. WebOS…well, I was hopeful for WebOS. Then it died. I had a whole article written, even, which is totally irrelevant now. Oh well.

With all this getting kicked around and changing so rapidly, I want to touch on some changes I think are coming down the pipe for iOS, and what I’m hopeful for in that space, as well. That will all come later this week. For now, enjoy the weather, throw on a scarf, and watch the last few sunsets the season has to offer.