Learning to Count


So we’ve seen a lot of rumors regarding this fabled iPad 3 floating around recently. Things about screen resolution, graphics performance, and the like. Then I see something like this, and my brain almost explodes because the whole thing is just so inane.

AppleInsider | A5X CPU featured on purported Apple iPad 3 logic board.

Wh–are you serious? Instead of the rumored A6 chip? Rumored according to whom, you moron? You thi–oh wait. Hold on, I get it. I see what happened here. Hold on, let me go through this. Correct me if I’m wrong. I know I’m not, but I have to say that anyway.

(iPad introduction)
“Oh wow, Apple is using it’s own chips in this stupid iPad thing.”

(iPhone 4 introduction)
“Hey neat! The iPhone four uses the A4 chip! I get it! Oh man, I figured it out and this is so cool because I know what I’m talking about.”

(iPad 2 introduction)
“This iPad uses the A5 chip? What? That’s so crazy! It’s like…wait a second, that means that the next iPhone is also going to be the iPhone 5! I’m so smart!”

(iPhone 4S introduction)
“Hold on. The iPhone 4S uses the A5 chip? And it’s not called the iPhone 5? Hold on. But…5 comes after 4, right? This phone is dumb because it’s not the right number.”

(iPad 3 rumor)
“This new iPad that hasn’t been revealed yet is supposed to use a chip that I made up because I know how to count! But there’s a picture that shows it doesn’t so that means Apple is dumb! Haha I’m so much smarter than Apple because my iPad 3 would have an A6 chip that would be so much better than Apple’s stupid A5X chip. Because it has a 6 in it. I might even just call it the iPad 6 because it’s so much better. Haha. Dumb Apple. Lulz.”

Go ahead and try to tell me that’s not how it went, and I’ll call you a liar to your face.

a front-facing camera

Everyone is talking about the Gizmodo iPhone 4 feature story. They’re talking about the possible ramifications of Gizmodo paying for known stolen property, of the moral issues of making the apple employee’s identity public. That’s all fine and good, but what about the camera? The front-facing one, I mean.

Europe has had front-facing video cameras forever, and their phone networks have been capable of sustaining two-way video calls for quite some time, as well. The idea never took off here, except among the mobile crowd with cheap netbooks tied to expensive data plans. Now these phone will have a front-facing camera and a rear camera that will (presumably) add even more weight to the use of this phone as a true convergence device.

I feel that signals even more than that. Sure it’s great that the phone is able to do so much, has a crazy high-resolution screen, and oodles of storage. I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the backbone that allows it to do all these whiz-bang tricks: AT&T.

If there’s a front-facing camera on this phone, it might be limited to use when the phone is in range of wifi. That’s fine, and wouldn’t be so bad…but what if this camera was finally AT&T’s way of saying, “Yup, we’re ready for you now.”

Their coverage and ability to handle high-load areas in places like New York and San Francisco may be lacking, but Chicago is great.

Bring on the video calls.