Google is updating their search page for iOS (and presumably Android) devices.

The new iOS-optimized search page will feature tabbed browsing and large app icons to allow the user to better distinguish between search results.

That’s great! I’m glad Google is doing that. Now where the hell is their update for Google Voice for iOS? That craptastic app needs a major fix. Sad times for Google Voice, indeed.

The Target Demographic

One of the things that blows my mind about publishing, apps, etc. is the inability of most developers and/or app reviewers to actually get the target demographic and review said app from that perspective. It’s mind-boggling, really. It’s like all the different flavors of dog food at the store. We look at the “gourmet chicken and rice” that we’re holding in our left hand, and then turn our heads ever so slightly to the right to look at the “savory lamb and herb” in our right and decide either a) the gourmet chicken and rice is better because that sounds healthier, or b) the lamb is better because hot damn I love lamb. The dog? The dog doesn’t give a hoot.

As such, apps for kids are sparse because they’re designed for the people who are buying them- the parents. Kids aren’t buying apps, so the developers want to make apps that parents can look at and say “Wow this is really nice.”

Then there’s this app, which says to parents: “You really have no idea what your kids want,” and then it gives kids something fun to do with just enough silliness to keep them interested. Bravo.

TechCrunch’s take:

So how on Earth is this a product, let alone a real product, and a tech product? Because the founders seem to understand how kids think.


Everything Butt Art is a children’s educational book and app that teaches step-by-step drawing. That’s where the crazy name comes in: every drawing begins with the kid drawing the shape of a butt.

Good stuff all around. Well done, EBA.

the obligatory post written on an iPad.

So here it is. An uncommon use of capitalization, courtesy of the iPad’s vigilance over my typing, a post about how fun it is to type on keys that don’t actually exist, and how amazing it is that the future is finally in my hands.

I read a quote from someone (or many people), who were arguing that the computer is now shifting towards content consumption, that people are becoming dumber, and that this whole thing is going to come crashing down when people are all sheep under apple’s benevolent but iron-fisted rule.

What? Really? You’ve got to be kidding me. How is this any different from using a regular computer to “create content?” Here I am, typing away on this immaculate glass screen, and you’re telling me that my creativity is dead? Is that because i can’t access the command line? Is it because I don’t have a hacker spirit? Is it because I’m just a mindless drone? Maybe it’s because I’m not running a pandora app in the background. That’s gotta be it. I just don’t get it. If I was using my net book, i really wouldn’t have a whole plethora of options in terms of this mythical “content creation,” either. I don’t run Photoshop, or edit videos…but do you do those things on YOUR netbook? Probably not. If you do, i know a whole bunch of people who would like to get in line for your magic “content creation” device.

To be honest? I probably have access to more “content creation” apps here than i do on my hp mini. If i want to draw a picture, i need a tablet of some sort. I had a tablet pc way back when. It was expensive, and it honestly didn’t do anything more than this little wonder does. Ultimately, I think its use of a traditional windowed interface was what killed it. I had to spend more time trying to figure out how to manage my screen real estate than actually use the computer. I also had to worry about things like system specs, available memory, and clock cycles. This is the ps3 of computers: you put something in, and it just works.

Bottom line is, I can “create” just as much here as I can anywhere. It’s just nicer here.