good line from andy ihnatko

Andy Ihnatko has a good analogy about flash and the Internet.

But Flash – see Adobe’s reaction to the lack of Flash support on iPad here – is in no way part of the true language of the Internet. It’s Scottish-accented English. Sometimes it makes the language more colorful and entertaining, and sometimes it just renders it into unintelligible mush.

I’ve disliked flash since I was using it on my treo 650w, it was never usable in its mobile version, and here’s why: even developers who use flash code it for desktop screens. anything coded for a desktop environment without regard to its use in mobile scenarios is lazy and irresponsible (or self-defeating). if you’re a web developer, and someone is paying your to make a website, design a mobile version. if you’re designing your own, make sure you’re reaching as wide an audience as possible.

flash doesn’t really add anything to the Internet. it’s a relic of an era when people saw the Internet as unexplored, untested territory. it was a way for developers to say “look! the Internet is important! look how pretty!” now, the internet is necessary. it’s time to grow up, folks.

thanks to Andy Ihnatko.

i said this when the iphone came out

it’s pretty simple, really.

What’s Hulu going to do? Sit there and wait? Whine about the blue boxes? Or do the practical thing and write software that delivers video to iPhone OS? The answer is obvious. Hulu doesn’t care about what’s good for Adobe. They care about what’s good for Hulu. Hulu isn’t a Flash site, it’s a video site. Developers go where the users are.

[emphasis mine]

this is how all industries work. you make products that people will use.

adapt or die.

thanks to John Gruber
at daring fireball.

been hearing a lot

been hearing a lot o naysaying with the tablet, and I’m not sure why. I’m writing this on my iPhone right now, and I think having a larger, full screen would be lovely to be able to bring my thoughts together. I don’t want to have other distractions, I just want to type. just like I’m doing right now. people call the iPhone “the best portable computer on the market.” I still believe it is, and will be until the ipad comes out.

then it will be a close second.

when I’m browsing the web, i want to browse. when I’m chatting, I want to chat. I don’t want to have to multitask. I don’t. I want to do ONE thing, because when I have 20 things going on, I lose focus. maybe that makes my mind flighty, or pegs me as having ADD, but it’s how I work.

and maybe sometimes I do want to do two things at once, but it’s rare. and you know what I’d rather have one application open and watch it run flawlessly than have 4-5 applications open and watch my computer slow to a crawl. I just want it to work. deliver that, and I’m happy 🙂